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Tis the season to be spooky...

The people who work the graveyard shift at Wal-Mart are a source of endless amusement for me. Its not that I set out to confuse them, but they insist on looking into my cart while I'm shopping. I can't help it if I find most things in a large department store entertaining. Last night I ended up halloween shopping in addition to buying OTC pain killers (random bits and pieces are hurting) and I finally bought a colander.

Why is it that the only holiday I can easily shop and decorate for is Halloween? Last year, my Halloween decorations stayed up until sometime past New Years. Although I did have the Christmas Jack O Lantern and Thanksgiving Skeleton. Come to think of it, I still have a few things up from Halloween.... I do have Christmas lights though. I should probably just put them up now and have my end of year multi-holiday decorations up.

This year I was quite pleased to find purple Jack O Lantern pails, a decent looking stuffed crow, a 55 gallon drum of Smarties, and some assorted amusing things, all for less than $15.

Now I just need to take a few skeletons out of my closet (and yes, after almost 2 years in my house, I still find it amusing to store actual skeletons in my hall closet ;), Put up some fake cobwebs without disturbing the real ones, put up the Christmas lights and build some halloween decorations that I've been thinking about (I'll ramble about those some other time).


You mean you take down your halloween decorations? Wow, we just leave ours up all year round. :-)

What house couldn't do with some bat garland and gargoyle cutouts on the walls?

I know I know, the shame!

Honestly, I wouldn't have taken them down, but last year the only decorations I had where the really cheap ones that tend to fall apart after a few months. Pixel and Tish took care of a couple too (e.g. kitties swinging through the air on bat garland). For the last while, I've been collecting more rugged bits of decoration and I'm planning on leaving several/most of them up this year.

In particular, things that I'm building will be staying up. It won't be a question of putting them up for Halloween as much as unveling new pieces of furniture-type decor :). I'm aiming for a home decor that's a cross between Industrial, Addams Family and Rocky Horror....

I have blue and purple "christmas" lights that stay up all year. I also have a black-rose door decoration that stays up all year. and my little newfoundland pine tree has blue and red "christmas" balls on it that have been there for over a year. last year I collected pine branches and spraypainted them gold and silver as my door decoration but since they shed all bloody over I decided to this year just leave the black roses (even if the spraypainting was fun).

Nice. I need to get some x-mas lights like that. One of the reasons I took them down last year is that I can't stand the colors most of them come in. Blue and purple sound good, and I could conceivably turn them into all purple if I was ever feeling paritcularly inspired. I need to go look for lights I think.

the only problem with the purple lights is that though they call them purple they really look more like magenta... I want to find some really nice deep-purple lights. oh well. I keep searching.
hmmm... to heck with the holy grail, now this is a search I can get into. The search for truly purple christmas tree lights :)