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phew... survived an afternoon of family festivities...

Well, I'm still feeling somewhat cruddy, but at least Thanksgiving was relatively painless. We did the whole family thing, had a few minor traumas, but for the most part, everyone actually behaved and was reasonable about stuff. Except for being physically drained, it was actually fairly nice. I came home with a plate full of leftovers so that'll either be dinner or breakfast tomorrow... mmmmm....

So - yeah, no news is good news I guess. Nothing exciting happened today. I'm going to go watch some of the Buffy marathon now.


did you steal my icon?

Sort of. I was looking through lj's earlier this week and came across it a few times in a couple of different journals. I was a big fan or Orko and Cringer in the old He-Man cartoons so I figured I would use it too. I've looked around a bit and I haven't found any neater images (of either character) so I enlarged this one a bit. Hope I didn't offend.

CLICK HERE to see the userpics for my other journal... you can steal those too if you want, I don't use that journal much.

I have a ton of other He-man images... let me know if you want me to email any of them to you.