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Time to defect...

Well, since RedHat has decided to stop supporting RH9 after April '04, I decided to look around for a suitable replacement ahead of time.

I'm about to attempt to install Mandrake LInux 9.2 on my office machine (just as soon as I make sure I've backed everything up). This should be interesting. I've been a loyal RedHat user customer since about '95/'96 and something like version 4. I'm rather curious to see how a different flavor of linux works for office stuff.

Wish me luck...


fedora is just like redhat... only it says fedora.


Yeah, I took a look at it and ultimately I decided to jump ship largely for philosophical reasons. I didn't like how RedHat handled this change. RH isn't making Fedore sound all that appealing (which makes sense since they want people to buy their enterprise stuff) and their enterprise stuff is just not what I need for my office.

This was particularly aggravating since RH9 has been working quite nicely and I had really enjoyed having the level of support that RH provided for it. The price was right and it did what I wanted it to do. Now, to me, it feels like they're pulling a bait and switch ("buy RH9 for $50.00 and next year you can buy RHEnterprise starting at $179.00") and that really doesn't sit well with me.

Personally I'd say this is a good example of how a software company shouldn't treat it's paying customers.

Re: Rambling...

i can see that... i haven't paid for redhat since 5.2 came out, so i have actually been thinking of fedora in a good light.

there's the stable, supported commercial one for businesses, and the unstable, "cutting edge" one for tinkerers