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This caught my eye this morning:

Woman crossing tracks killed

Then, it gets kind of bizarre:

"We do believe at this time she was going to the bus stop, and she was trying to beat the train"


On foot!?!? How that hell did this 60 year old woman last as long as she did? I have little sympathy for people who get smushed trying to beat trains in cars, but I'm just astonished that someone would think to do it on foot. I mean, she sees this big ass train barrelling down on her and she thinks what? "I'm more powerful/faster than a locomotive"?

Gah. This, right here, is why I have such little faith in the human race at large. There are quite a few nifty, smart, and groovy individuals in it (usually on the fringes ;), but by and large, the saddest thing about this accident is that even though I am surprised it happened, I have no trouble believing that someone could actually be that stupid.

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