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It's a-liiiiive!!!

Well, after a year of grumbling about my laptop, I finally got the damn thing working again and I'm even able to post from it (as I am doing now)

I lent it to my brother last year and when he returned it, the hard drive had started making a rather unhappy sound. Within a week or so it just crapped out. I suspect that my brother may have managed to do something to it, but it's also possible that it just gave up the ghost right at that time. Eh, regardless, I was left laptop-less and grumpy.

Last week I finally got around to buying a replacement hard drive for it. It arrived at the office this weekend and I have spent the last couple of hours forcing this damn machine to work. There were plenty of annoying details to deal with (like the old hard-drive being installed with loc-tite on the mounting screws), but finally, I have both windoze and linux running on my trusty old laptop.

It may not be spectacularly cool, but it'll do nicely for dragging around the house as needed/desired.

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