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At death's door... or at least its front yard...

Ok, that's a little over-stated. In fact aside from having my internal thermostat totally out of whack and still being sniffly, I'm feeling a decent bit better today. Still though, it was a little odd that even though the thermostat in the house says its 60F, I'm still cold enough to need a sweater. I also spent most of the day in a flu coma that seems to have helped a lot...

After yesterday's fun family gathering, I spent most of the evening cleaning and re-recording Buffy episodes. The cleaning was because Portia was going to come over today, the re-recording was to sort the episodes onto tapes in order and without commercials.

Portia called this morning and postponed until tomorrow because its fiendishly windy and dusty and apparently she's heard horror stories about driving in those conditions. Oddly enough I'm not familiar with those horror stories, so I'll probably ask her about them tomorrow.

As far as Buffy goes, I now have all of the first 2 seasons and season 6 in order w/o commercials and I'm about 1/2 way through season 3. I should finish transferring all of the episodes I have (through episode 1 of season 4) before Monday. The cool thing I figured out this weekend is that I can watch Buffy in the mornings instead of worrying about it in the evening. Apparently FX shows Buffy at 5am and that's close enough to when I usually get up that I can easily wake up and record episodes and still make it off to work on time. Its funny but I suspect that this will succeed in shifting me farther into the morning than anything else I've tried so far (I want to get morning shifted because that's the best time for me to go jogging without having to deal with people and cars etc... ;)

Well, I'm off to chill in front of the TV for another while. I've slept almost all day and that's having a very positive effect. It was predictable actually. I got up a little early in order sweep and vacuum before Portia got here (my mom has made me a little neurotic about that... not for everyone though ;). Once she called to postpone I didn't even make it out of the living room, I curled up on the couch and passed out until noon-ish at which point I got up again to go pass out in the bedroom for another few hours. At this point, I've probably been awake 4 hours since midnight of last night. For me that's just this side of hibernating... normally I'll only sleep 4 hours or so in the same period of time.

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