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Gr... argh... computer unhappiness....

Well, I've spent the last 4-5 hours dealing with this dang machine and it's still not working. By contrast the socializing I had to do earlier was downright painless... Despite having to verbally smackdown some idiotic college kids... Actually come to think of it, that was kind of fun. Anyways...

Dang it.

This wouldn't be quite so frustrating except that I keep having to re-install entire operating systems when I need to try something significantly new. Right now I'm going to try downgrading linux from Mandrake 9.2 to Redhat 7.2 since the NIC came with a driver for it and a few other flavors of linux. So far it refuses to work on Win98, and Mandrake 9.2.

Unfortunately, I am in the process of using the rescue CD on the laptop so that it will let me boot from the CD again so that I can install RH7.2. When Mandrake grabs the MBR, it latches on and won't let go, so far only the rescue disk is able to restore it so that I can install another OS onto it.

Ugh. This is annoying. I probably shouldn't have decided to try experimenting with wireless on an old laptop. I suspect learning to do this on a regular desktop machine would be order of magnitude (or two or three) less aggravating.

Eh, blah. At least I've gotten to watch a decent bit of new anime courtesy of the cute girl (have I mentioned recently just how much I dig that fact that she's a geek? ;). Now I just need to find some of this stuff on DVD so I can enjoy it on the big screen... oh and make this stupid wireless stuff work.


You're so cute when you're grouchy *cheek pinch*

Mmmm for new anime.
I'd like to think I'm even cuter when I'm not grouchy, but I might be stumbling across that fine frayed line between optimism and delusion.

Yes, new anime is a Good Thing (tm). However, it's likely to totally blow my DVD budget for the next few months.
Ah to have a DVD budget.
Mine went straight into the "Broken Washer" budget.

As for the cuteness, I'm sure you're cute any which way :)