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Geek Joy

I got this damn thing working.

I am posting from my laptop which is on the wireless network. How fucking cool is that?

I still have some tweaking to do with it, but I'm really quite psyched. Yeah, just call me Mr. Bi-Polar today. Some things are still funky and weird, but at least the crufty old laptop is wireless.



i have a list of files...what's your email addy?
Dude, you forgot my email addy?

The alum one I've been using for the past 5 years or so? :-p
Yeah, well oddly enough it decided to work right after I had the following exchange:

cgg: well I'm sure you'll get something to work on it

me: Yeah, I'm thinking the 15lb sledge will work on it quite nicely

Who would have thought that thinly veiled threats of physical violence would work on machines as well as people :-p

Heh, if you knew how much effort went into making it work, I think envy would quickly turn into pity ;)