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Clickety McClick

As of yesterday, I had taken approximately 260 photos since the 8th (about 8 days). There were lots of cruddy and so-so ones, but amazingly enough there were a few genuinely cool ones.

For the record, I really love having a digital camera. All those pictures and I had barely filled up about half of the 512Mb CF card. I think I need to pick up a new one soon (because it would make me happy knowing I was running around with more than 1 Gb of storage for the camera ;). Well that and a second battery would be good.

Yes, pictures will be coming soon, I'm just having some problems making Moya work with the new router. She sort of does, but sort of doesn't. Which is sort of annoying. So far, three of four computers are plugging along with the new router and of of those, two are wireless. Not too shabby. Now just to finish the current bout of computer geekiness so I can make posts that don't make any reference to wireless networks ;)

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