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bruce lee

Mmmmmm DVD happiness....


This weekend I won 2 auctions of import DVD grooviness. I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the original version of Shaolin Soccer (the one w/o the apparently silly US ending), and a boxed set of the entire Kenshin series (95 episodes of anime goodness). Unfortunately they're arriving from the far corners of the known universe (i.e. Hong Kong and Malaysia) so I won't get them for a couple of weeks or so.

So do any of my anime and kung-fu loving friends have any other suggestions for stuff I should pick up?

Heh, it's been over month and a half since I've actually watched TV/cable... I'm seriously considering ditching it it all together and moving that cash over to my comic book and DVD budget.


Heh, yeah it is. I actually have it already, but I might need to track down the original non-dubbed versions.

Although personally, my favorite of the period martial arts movies is Fist of Legend (which is a remake of the Chinese Connection).
Yeah! Get rid of it and get more targeted brain candy!!! I bet your friends/family have cable for those rare occasions where you *have* to see something anyway...