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There's good news and bad news....

I found a disk recovery program that actually works

That's good

It wasn't cheap

That's bad

It's managing to salvage most/all of the files on the trashed hard drive

That's good

Very very very slowly

That's bad


This is going to take quite a while and in some cases I'm going to have to grab individual files one by one. Yup, I'm definitely feeling like an idiot right about now. I'm psyched that I may be end up not losing all the data I had, but it's going to take some doing to pull it off. Grrr... The drive is pretty much completely dead though. I was only just able to get windows to boot up with it and so far, only this program has been able to find the files I want to salvage.

Oh well....


Oh cool, what's it called? What happened to your drive that you had recover the data from? How long did it take? Depending on how long this one takes and how much it is able to recover I might still end up looking for something else.

The one I found isn't horribly expensive, but relative to how much I normally pay for software (at least from a certain monopoly) it was a bit pricey (around $100.00) and it's taking F*O*R*E*V*E*R to recover the data.
what app did you get?
Well, that's good that you can recov some of the data. My Maxtor in my iMac crashed and burned and even the Apple Techies said it was toast sans microscoping the bleeding thing, and I'm /not/ that desparate or rich, not even for my writing files x.x But I'm'a backin EVERYTHING up from now on. heh. And I LOVE my external LaCie Firewire.