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This is the cold that wouldn't end....

Since about midnight, I've slept about 16 hours. In fact I've only been awake since 4 this afternoon. Well ok so I did get up for about 15 minutes this morning in order to *ahem* deal with a pressing situation and get doped up again so I could go back to sleep. This isn't the "ah I'm being a slacker and sleeping in late" this was more of the "I'm dead to the world, I've woken up a few times and I am not able to get up and out of bed due to extreme physical unhappiness"

Still though I suspect I'm almost done with this bit of illness, but true to form it did last all weekend. Except for hanging out with Portia yesterday, I've been unconscious or in some state approximating it nearly all weekend. Its been ages since I've slept that much. Even a while back, when I was doing the depression sleep thing, I didn't sleep this much.

It is a very effective way to pass the time when you're sick though. If I'm going to feel like crap, I might as well be unconscious for it. So - yeah, that's the update for today. I went out got some food and more OTC drugs and I'm watching some TV now until I pass out again.... While I was in the drugstore, it occurred to me, do OTC medications cure anything? I was reading through the various labels and all of them are supposed to reduce pain, swelling, congestion etc..., but none of them actually cure anything. Just a random thought from a delirious mind.


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