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This is the cold that wouldn't end....

Since about midnight, I've slept about 16 hours. In fact I've only been awake since 4 this afternoon. Well ok so I did get up for about 15 minutes this morning in order to *ahem* deal with a pressing situation and get doped up again so I could go back to sleep. This isn't the "ah I'm being a slacker and sleeping in late" this was more of the "I'm dead to the world, I've woken up a few times and I am not able to get up and out of bed due to extreme physical unhappiness"

Still though I suspect I'm almost done with this bit of illness, but true to form it did last all weekend. Except for hanging out with Portia yesterday, I've been unconscious or in some state approximating it nearly all weekend. Its been ages since I've slept that much. Even a while back, when I was doing the depression sleep thing, I didn't sleep this much.

It is a very effective way to pass the time when you're sick though. If I'm going to feel like crap, I might as well be unconscious for it. So - yeah, that's the update for today. I went out got some food and more OTC drugs and I'm watching some TV now until I pass out again.... While I was in the drugstore, it occurred to me, do OTC medications cure anything? I was reading through the various labels and all of them are supposed to reduce pain, swelling, congestion etc..., but none of them actually cure anything. Just a random thought from a delirious mind.


Your body has grown immune to OTC medications....

btw, a bit of medicinal lore from your culture/heritage....drinking warm, raw nopal juice is supposed to be good for relieving a cold according to my aunt. I can't think of the english word for nopal...its a cactus that broad, flat parts...tastes nasty IMO.

Personally, I tend to avoid sleeping when I'm sick. Ironically, it's the one time I am most motivated to go out and be active as in running/jogging/hobbling on 2 bum knees, dribbling the soccer ball, swimming, etc and basically taking advantage of our sunny weather (which hasn't been seen/felt much lately). Gross as it sounds, I also find that puking helps me feel better. Yes, i'm weird in this way... But if all else fails, I just go for the ritualistic sacrificing/flushing of a gold fish and praying to the Toilet Duck for help!
I didn't say that OTC stuff doesn't have an effect, I said that its not actually meant to cure anything. All the stuff I looked at was for X-hours of relief from symptoms of.... Pretty much just aimed at letting you get to work and make it home before you collapse again. It just struck me as odd is all.

I am familiar with nopales. In English, they're known as the prickly pear cactus and my dad is quite fond of the prickly pears. Personally I'm not a big fan of it. From previous experience I've found that you're basically stuck with a cold until you get over it as there isn't really anything you can do to "cure" it.

With that in mind sleep is a good way of not stumbling around in a drugged haze. It also keeps me close to fluids and medicine. I've tried the running around exercise thing and it doesn't do anything helpful so this time around I made the best of it and stayed holed up at home watching TV or asleep. All things considered it was probably the least painful way to be sick... At times when I've done something silly like going jogging, I've often ended up more sick because I misjudged how cold it was or was not and ended up chilled and even more unhappy.

If puking helps you feel better then we are talking about different things dude. I have a cold. You were probably hung over or food poisoned :-p. In the last 10 years, there were only 2 times when puking made me feel better and both times it was due to food poisoning.

I'm doing ok this morning and I'm actually at work, but I suspect that I'll be bailing a little early so that I can go crash later today. Hopefully just another day or two and I'll be back to abnormal.

Btw...this might cheer you up

from my KFOX weather update thingy:

Cooler weather has arrived! It will be breezy today, but not as windy as Sunday. High temperatures will be in the upper 50's, and the nights will be getting cold!

Meteorologist Alycia Turner

....means you can wear the morpheus coat! and well, i guess you can also work on putting on the coat w/o smackin' some random kid (though he prolly deserved it!) hehe :oP (just messin' w/ ya) but COLD WEATHER VIC! can you imagine that? and it's barely late November...we usualy have to wait 'til January for this! WOOHOO!