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Now I remember...

... why I had stopped doing the active computer and gaming geek thing.

It gets pretty damn expensive. After struggling to get X working on Moya for a couple of hours last night, I finally broke down and bought a new video card for her this morning. If I remember correctly the card I currently have is probably about 3 years old and it really doesn't like being forced to run the newer versions of X.

So I just bought a card that still shows up in Tom's Hardware guide as a fairly good card... even compared to the newest and meanest (and most obscenely expensive) cards. It benchmarks at about 85% of what the absolute top of the line cards do while being about 33% of the price. Even more promising, the maker just released updated linux drivers for XFree 4.3 today (so I'm pretty damn psyched).

Now I just have to wait and see how long it takes to get here...


what is it about boys and video games? jessey, my cousin, spent every free moment holed up in his room playing baldur's gate. (he didn't even tell me. i recognized it because other boys used to play it.)

holiday music. haha!
Hey, I've been really good about not doing the video game thing for a long while. Until I bought these last few, I hadn't bought or aquired a video game in quite a while.

Having lots of random stuff to deal with (e.g. fixing house, unpacking stuff, sorting junk, etc...) tends to distract me from the good ol' "I just spend 5 hours staring at the screen and didn't blink once" days
happy new year!

spent it at a bar in long beach w/ alok, matt & pamela (matt's wife). upstairs was a billard hall. we went up to check it out and alok, who led the way, made a beeline through all the pool tables to a video poker type machine.

yup. the boy makes me extra sensitive to video games.
Well I'm having to ween myself back onto video games. I've found that I have a hard time zoning out like I used to. Heh, I'm getting old, I can't go 5 hours without blinking anymore :-p

Sounds like your new year is off to a pretty good start so far.