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I can't help but find this amusing. The new video card I was drooling about yesterday has gone from Los Angeles - San Diego - Memphis (wtf?) - Dallas - El Paso all in one day. Methinks FedEx has some wacky shipping practices. It practically went from one coast to the other coast in order to get to the middle of the country... Weird.

Anyways, with a little luck it should be delivered either tomorrow (can't figure out if they do or do not deliver tomorrow) or Friday. Either way, I should have it in time for geek out this weekend. Woo-hoo.

In other (vaguely annoying) news, I have to work a while tomorrow. My dad needs some help with some stuff in the shop and this is the downside being salaried and knowing I can take off a bit early on random days. Oh well, no big deal, and hey, if the package arrives I'll be able to run home and geek out once work stuff is sorted out.

So yeah, geeking out is pretty much the goal for the next several days.

Well, hope you guys have a fun, naughty, wild, and crazy NYE. Unfortunately, that's not in the cards for me this time around but it's not a big deal. I'm pretty much cool with my (admittedly pathetic) plans. ttfn


It was an ok NYE. Not my most exciting, but on the whole it wasn't bad so that's good.

Sounds like you had quite the evening/weekend ;)