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Watching Bicentennial Man right now...

Mr. Martin is teaching Andrew (the android) things that he wasn't programmed with:

Mr. Martin: ... and nine months later a baby is born. And those Andrew are the so-called 'facts of life'

Andrew: *blinks* People actually do this sir?

Mr. Martin: Well, yes.

Andrew: And married people, one supposes they see this as some kind of requirement or obligation

Mr. Martin: Well it's not exactly an obligation

Andrew: That's a relief

Mr. Martin: And it is the natural and preferable way to conceive children

Andrew: So of all these million of sperm, only one makes it?

Mr. Martin: That's true.

Andrew: What happens to the others?

Mr. Martin: Well, they die.

Andrew: They die?! One feels badly for them.

Mr. Martin: Well one does... but it's completely agreed that it feels good..

Andrew: For both parties sir?

Mr. Martin: In an ideal world. So people do it rather frequently.

Andrew: How often sir?

Mr. Martin: Well as often as they can, matter of fact.

Andrew: Oh...

Mr. Martin: At least at first.

Andrew: Sir, may one speak frankly with you

Mr. Martin: As always Andrew.

Andrew: It's just that the whole proces, it sounds so... messy.

Mr Martin: I think that's a fair comment.

So today, I got up at my usual hour, went in to work, spent half a day at work helping move a large, heavy trailer that was at the shop. I have come to the conclusion that any day that involves heavy machinery, messing with high voltage power lines, and tractor trailer rigs is bound to be... interesting.

I got home around noon, had lunch, watched some of the Bourne Identity (woo-hoo, chase scene with a Mini ;), took a nap, and I am now doing a bit of random blogging sitting in the living room (yay, wireless network) and watching Bicentennial Man (but you knew that already).

I feel like I should have something profound to say on this first day of the year... but I don't. Despite having to go in to work, I had a good day. I'm feeling pretty good (all things considered). Last night was fairly mellow and laid back. I wish I could blame that on having to go in to work today, but I really didn't have any significant plans. I puttered around the house, plugged away at the office and closet situations, and watched movies. A fairly mellow and relaxed (and anti-social) evening, but I think I needed that.

Hmmm... I really do need to post about the the most recent disaster (or at least the situation which appears likely to become the most recent disaster). Eh, maybe later.

It's just that the whole process, it sounds so.... messy

Oh, it is... in so many odd ways.

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