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Coming to you live from Moya...

Well, the new Radeon 9800 Video Card is installed and *gasp* working. Windoze is entirely happy and Linux is mostly happy (with the exception of xmms having some odd sound issues).

I still need to finish tweaking stuff, but for the most part I finished my big project for the weekend (installing new video card and being able to do linux-y stuff again).

Hmmm of course now, the big question is, just how cool is this card? I wonder what would be a good test of it's coolness (looks at video games on the shelf)... Indeed... a test is in order, can't declare it done until I've "tested"

Now that I'm properly plugged into ye olde internet I'll be catching up on emails, responses, and assorted other valuable activities. Ummm... tomorrow :-p


Hows the Linux support on that card? Are you using official ATI drivers?

I downloaded the drivers but I have yet to get them working. It looks like I'm going to have to recompile some things and install more packages to get them working.

However the vesa drivers that came with mandrake 9.2 are working decently well. My big headache right now is with the onboard sound on the motherboard