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pen pen

Mmmm animated goodness...

Life is still complicated and unresolved, but at least I can get my greedy little claws on new anime.


pen pen!
Yup. Still haven't seen too much of him (haven't watched all the eps yet), but how could I resist a punky looking penguin with a purple towel slung over his shoulders? :)
Indeed, that is the name of my current anime obsession. Soon to be followed by the likes of Kenshin, Naruto, Full Metal Panic, and quite a few others.
you probably don't want sailor moon. i've got an entire series of it on DVD. lab really sucked last year. went shopping...

yup, tho if you ever find yourself in a REALLY STRANGE mood, i'd be happy to lend it.
You know, I did actually watch a bit of sailor moon. It was just never convenient for me to watch it.

What do you think of it?

I'm not sure which of us should be more worried that I'm saying this, but I may take you up on the offer :).