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Define Scary...

... driving to work this morning and being passed by not one, but two women applying eyeliner/mascara at high speed on the highway. I was doing about 75mph and they totally flew by me busily jabbing at their eyes with little sticks of make-up while weaving around the rest of us who were so inconsiderate as to be on the road and in their way as they rushed to their next traffic accident.

I would have taken a picture as one of them got stuck behind a (relatively) slow moving vehicle (i.e. one only doing about 70mph), but I decided that fumbling around in my bag for my camera and proceeding to take pictures would have been a tiny bit hypocrtical.


Oh and then I came across the definition of stupid....

<rant> As I was about to get to the office, a stupid lady (who happened to be jaywalking across a street that sees a fair bit of traffic in the mornings and afternoons) decided to stop a couple of feet into my lane (the left turn lane, i.e. the one right next to the median). She stopped because she saw me driving down the lane and she had the "is he going to stop or not?" look on her face.... which wouldn't have been a problem except that she was standing in the fucking lane that I was planning on driving in...

So, needless to say I ran her down as a service to mankind.


I wish.

Look lady, either move your stupid ass to the median or move your stupid ass into the other lane of traffic. Do not stand in my lane, looking at me as if you are wondering what I'm going to do. You don't want to know what I would like to do at that point.

So yeah, I stopped and let her stroll by (that was the another thing, you don't stroll across a busy street, come on lady, hussle) but since she was still look at me as I drove by (she was walking diagonally down the street moving opposite the general direction of traffic) I shot her the patented "Look of Contempt and Disgust" along with "Head Shake of Dismay at your Stupidity".

and the kicker was that she looked offended as I did that


She could have at least had the courtesy to recognize her own stupidy.


Ok, I feel better now.


I hate people like that... especially since they rarely think of themselves as the irrational or stupid part in any given confrontation.

next time, run the bitch down :)
scary makeup people.......

as for the walking across the street *no comment* because i do that all the time haha

since when do cars own the place? jeeeez

back before we didnt have cars we could walk wherever we wanted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See there's nothing wrong with "walking" across the street, what I found aggravating was the "stopping and standing" part especially since she was doing so right in front of me and the median was like 6 feet away, and then she just stood there looking at me.

What was weird is that it wasn't a deer in headlights look either, she just didn't seem to be all there, but not in a confused way, more like a "not in this reality" way (which is disturbing considering she was basically out in the street playing chicken with cars).
heh...well that is annoying...i usually run across but i dont do it like.../right/ in front of cars and i make sure they see me....

it's weird that she was looking like that.......hmm
Those mascara bitches are a disgrace to women.
agreed, wholeheartedly.
this is a situation where I shake my head but then think "Yeah, i can see that happening." hehe
I see a lot of women putting on makeup as they drive, but I also see a lot of men using those electric shavers, too.
I generally don't get to annoyed when people do grooming stuff in the car (still think it's stupid, but oh well), but the whole eyeliner/mascarra thing just seems like it's pushing it. I mean you could put an eye out with those :-p
i hope to put off commuting in the "real world" for as long as i can ;)

in la, as in boston, pedestrians have a healthy desire for survival... of course, they regulate lots in pasadena/california so they give out tickets for jay walking... and cars are required to stop when there's someone at a crosswalk or a corner.
I think pedestrians usually have a healthy desire for survival.

The problem here is that you have people used to different rules of the road interacting and often killing each other. You have Mexicans, New Mexicans, and Texans all with subtle, different ideas about what is and is not ok to do on the road.

I imagine you probably see that in Miami too. You've got people who are in a foreign land who suddenly seem to lose their last iota of common sense (e.g. don't jump in front of a moving train, you're going to lose).

Oy. Sometimes I really miss the T.
I had the exact opposite happen to me. I was crossing the street and this idiot in a farting rice-burner is coming down the road. I had waited til he had /plenty of room to drive by before stepping into the road. Then he screeches to a halt infront of me, his back tires about three feet infront of me and starts screaming at me like I'd practically jumped infront of his stupid little pos. I responded by explaining the science of downforce and traction and why a front wheel drvie vehicle really doesn't need a rear spoiler, but he simply spewed more unintelligible insults at me and "peeled off" which more sounded like a lawnmower having a seizure.

Gods but I hate those things.

that reminds me of what happened the next day when this fellow in a POS civic decided that he didn't want me to pass him. As I was getting ready to pass, he floored it and while I was somewhat impressed at how much the little thing could accelerate (considering we were already at highways speeds) the fact that it sounded like the engine was about to explode and it spewed a huge cloud of black smoke for a couple of miles completely destroyed any illusion of performance.

That was seriously one of the most pathetic examples of a rice-burner that I have ever seen (heh, it looked like he was in fact burning rice on his muffler)

Re: Stooopid people

Usually the really stoooopid, ignorant people NEVER freekin GET IT!
I think you should have just run her down! That's my vote. ;-)

Re: Stooopid people

You know, I think you're in the majority on this one. Apparently running her down would have been a public service ;)

I do a lot of driving for work and it never ceases to amaze me just how utterly stupid people can be when they are dealing with cars (either driving them or darting in front of them on foot). Then again, this is the city where a 60-something year old lady tried to beat a train across the tracks and lost (with the predictable results).