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I should not be awake right now.

It's just after 6 and I've been awake for about 1 hour and 45 minutes now.

I managed to crash about halfway through the movie I mentioned in my last post (The Art of War) and somehow I woke up listening to the radio with my head hanging off the couch. I'm not sure when I turned off the DVD player and turned on the radio, but I did. Fortunately I actually slept really well on the couch (this would be the super-comfy monsterously-huge hand-me-down couch that my brother gave me last summer) so I'm actually really awake and not grumpy or in pain from sleeping in an odd position. Eh, this works.

I think I'm going to jump in the shower, charge the camera's battery, and head out to take some pictures when the sun comes up (I don't feel like acknowledging that I woke up before dawn thankyouverymuch). There are three specific sets of pictures I wanted to get when there aren't too many people around and 7am on a Saturday is probably a good time to try this out. Then a quick trip to Sam's for dag food and some groceries and this afternoon is my sister's and nephew's joint birthday party.

Heh, being awake in the morning can be useful.... of course there is no way in hell I would be this cheerful if I had to be awake right now.

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