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Fucking ouch....

I've had a headache since I woke up (or should I say since I was woken up) around noon-ish today.

I got to sleep very very late last night (pretty much spent a little over 24 hours awake and about 7 hours asleep). This contributed to my sleeping in too long (7 hours is in fact to long for me to sleep) and I got hit with a combination caffeine headache and sleep induced back/neck grumpiness that isn't helping.

After about 6 hours I finally broke down and popped a few pain killers in the hopes that once they take effect I'll actually be able to do something.

Yeah, I'm a wus. I have no problem with pain that has a definite start/end (e.g. a cut or a bruise which improves over time), but anything that is just there and won't go away tends to make me really really grumpy. Especially when part of the problem affects my mobility (i.e. can't move to quickly when my head hurts like this) and part of the problem requires mobility (i.e. sleeping is not an option since that will only make me feel more overslept and icky).

In other news, I am really really happy with the Underworld DVD I got last week. I know a lot of people didn't like this movie, but as a major movie geek, and someone who really likes genre movies, this thing totally delivers. There aren't tons of extras, but the ones that there are really hit the spot. From the production side of things, this movie reminds me a lot of Desperado. The commentary with the director/writers definitely has a similar feel. In both cases, these guys were relatively new and unproven and they took on a very ambitious project and IMO, they did a great job with it. In Underworld, I was particularly impressed to see how much of the movie wasn't CG and how much they did actually do with practical effects (e.g. those aren't CG werewolves).

Anyways, my headache has gone away a bit so I'm going to go make some food and try to get something productive done with my day.

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