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I'm going to have to throw this into ye olde Treo lest I forget:

Sunday March 24th: Flogging Molly w/ special guests Slackers @101

Last time around I managed to have an interesting evening (which lead to some other interesting evenings ;). This time around I'm going to stick to just enjoying the music :-p

Hmmm... I definitely need to catch more shows this year. I went to a few last year, but no where near enough (considering that some reasonably cool acts do actually come through town).


yes, if I recall, last time was in/around march of 200?1?....i think this time sex loses out LOL
Sadly enough, I hope so.

I don't think I could deal with any more disasters for a while.
I hope that doesnt' mean that it's my turn to suffer ...I better buy a bigger bottle of Excedrin :-P
In the immortal word of Felix:


It's your turn lunchbox :-p


Hey, you even get to see them before I do! :-p