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Random Music Meme

Here's the MP3 shuffle meme courtesy of the randomize feature on xmms. I need to put more music on this machine. I've got maybe 1.5 CDs worth of MP3s, that's maybe about 1% of my collection. Yeesh. Anyways.

1. Oye Como Va - Carlos Santana
2. A Little Less Conversation - Elvis vs. JXL
3. Nature Boy - Bobby Darin
4. Debonaire - Dope
5. Smack my Bitch Up - Prodigy
6. Mind What you Say - Buppy
7. Give it Up - The Goodmen
8. Like a Bad Girl Should - The Cramps
9. Rescue Me - Aretha Franklin
A. Stuck in the Middle - Stealer's Wheel
B. It's the end of the World - REM
C. In Torment, In Hell - Deicide
D. Cowboy - Eve & Fat Boy Slim
E. Hey Ya- Outkast
F. Shake that Ass - Mystikal
10. Red Right Hand - Nick Cave

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