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superfly t.n.t.


Ok, this is getting annoying

WTF am I awake at 4am, again?

Blah I say, blah.


my friend had an upstairs neighbor that just LOVED rolling around in his chair. You could hear it rolling all over the place. We never saw him, but we assumed he was a short man or at least a man with short legs b/c when he wasn't rolling, he was running, literally, and his steps were tiny. hehe neighbors suck
I think I'd have to go with D, a lot of stuff on my mind these days.

Funny how hard it is to get to sleep when you keep re-hashing stuff that you can't really do anything about at 3am.

Fortunately my neighborhood is mostly comprised of crotchety old people who tend to be slight busy-bodies with early bed times so as long as I keep to myself, things tend to work out ok and they don't bother me too much (although I have contemplated how much fun it would be really messing with their heads if they start getting to nosey)

Re: Sleep patterns...

Hey, don't feel bad, a lot of the time, I can't even get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. I worked the graveyard shift on my last job for two years, and it seems my body has decided to just stay on that schedule. This is not so bad, right now. But, I fear that in the near future, it will present some major problems. I am just one that cannot go to sleep unless I am really tired. It does suck, especially if you have a job that gets your sleepy butt up at 7am!

Re: Sleep patterns...

I used to be completely night-shifted in college, but for the most part I've always been good at adjusting my sleep cycle to whatever I need it to be. I'm not entirely sure why I'm doing the really weird sleep cycle thing right now. Stress has a little to do with it, but that's not all there is.

Eh, I'll either figure it out or start taking more afternoon naps after work (so far the afternoon naps are winning)

It's funny you should mention it, but I do have a job that gets me up at 7am and yes, it does suck (especially since I rarely go to bed before 2 or 3).
thought about trying sleeping pills?
Ick no.

I've taken stuff like Excedrin PM (which has a very mild sleeping aid) and it usually knocks me out way too long (and then I get hit with the over-sleeping aches and pains).

I shudder to think of what a real sleeping pill would do to me (I bet I'd wake up sometime the following week feeling like total crap)
I hadda take em when I was working at wallyworld/comic strip just because sometimes I wouldn't have to go to work 'til 2pm, but at 4am when I was getting home, i wasn't all that tired. Hadda force myself to sleep and no ammount of meditation could help...I would wake up groggy though...but hey, i was working at walmart, nobody noticed