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R.I.P. vicmoral@mit.edu

Well, my MIT account was finally deactivated tonight.

Oh well. At least now I don't have to worry about all the spam that it was getting at this point. Still though, I will miss it, it was a nifty reminder of the good ol' college days.

That means I had it for about:

3,431 Days
490.1 Weeks
114.4 Months
9.40 Years


RIP email, RIP. When I lost my amanda address with my ISP in a merger, I was almost in tears. It was just cool to be amanda@mindspring. Oh well, I bought my own domain, and moved to broadband, softening the blow....
Actually, it wasn't just an email account (I had stopped using it for email a few years back). It came with a 500Mb quota that could be used for web-hosting and for a while I used to use zephyr for chatting with my old college friends. All on a ludicrously fast network and it was free too.

That's actually what I was using for my hosting up until this past November. All things considered it's not a huge deal, but it's funny to realize just how important my Athena account was for quite a few years and how it's gone now.

Oh well, I suppose there's always grad school if I really really want it back ;)