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da vinci dragon

Pointless ramblings and random workspace pictures...


It's been a busy, but productive morning and I'm finally getting the hang of multi-tasking work with random conversations (a nifty way to make tedious number crunching bearable).

That's the one vaguely annoying thing about my job. It involves a LOT of number crunching. Tracking money spent and money coming in, figuring out prices for things etc... Spreadsheets are my friends.

So I'm taking a break and posting a couple of pictures. For a long time I had a horribly cluttered desk crammed with loads of... well crud. I need to dig up a good picture of just how bad it was, but here is what it looks like now:

Here is some of the crud that was on it.

My happy, super-functional, (and non-crud covered) desk:

My computer's display - It's nothing fancy, but it's got quick access everything I use (and I really dig my background). Oh, and what desk would be complete without a Bobblehead Skull in a Pimpin' Purple Zoot Suit?

Ever wondered why I tend to not stress too much about work stuff? Well, when I really need a break, I can get up and play some pool. It may not solve all (or any) of my problems, but I grew up playing pool (I'm horribly out of practice though) so it's just always been something I do to relax.

Who needs a corner office when you can run through a few quick games of nine-ball when you need to de-stress? Of course this makes me wonder what I'll do when we move the office to an actual office location.... I wonder if I could get a pool table/confrence table? Hmmm.....


Well technically I work from my parent's home.

In the next year or two this will become working from an office closer to my home.

Personally, having grown up with the home office thing, I kind of prefer being able to go to work someplace, even if it's only a few minutes away. My favorite working arrangement so far has been living at the dorms and walking all of 5 minutes to work on campus. There's something nice about not being at work all the time.

Then again it helps that I'm the boss. "It's good to be the king"


your desk is totally organized & clean!!

Re: wow.

Scary huh?

It's actually been this way for almost a month now.

The real test though will be how clean I can keep it once work picks up and I'm running around like mad again.

Re: Work office..

Uncluttering is always a good way to get rid of unwanted/unneeded *stuff* that just keeps piling up. I try to do that on a regular basis. WIsh I could play a few games while at work to de-stress.

BTW....are you hiring? ;-)

Re: Work office..

Heh, uncluttering is something I should do a lot more often than I do. I tend to let things pile up in neat little stacks until I get tired of them.

So far though I'm quite proud that my desk is clean and still uncluttered. The only stuf on it is current/pending paperwork and I've actually been filing things away (woo-hoo).

In fact we probably will be hiring in the not too distant future. The real question is what jobs we'll be hiring for :-p

totally unrelated

i was flipping channels (looking for the game, forgetting it's saturday not sunday) and a movie was on and i took a quick snapshot of this hehe...i've seen that nifty keyboard before :-P