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Pointless ramblings and random workspace pictures...


It's been a busy, but productive morning and I'm finally getting the hang of multi-tasking work with random conversations (a nifty way to make tedious number crunching bearable).

That's the one vaguely annoying thing about my job. It involves a LOT of number crunching. Tracking money spent and money coming in, figuring out prices for things etc... Spreadsheets are my friends.

So I'm taking a break and posting a couple of pictures. For a long time I had a horribly cluttered desk crammed with loads of... well crud. I need to dig up a good picture of just how bad it was, but here is what it looks like now:

Here is some of the crud that was on it.

My happy, super-functional, (and non-crud covered) desk:

My computer's display - It's nothing fancy, but it's got quick access everything I use (and I really dig my background). Oh, and what desk would be complete without a Bobblehead Skull in a Pimpin' Purple Zoot Suit?

Ever wondered why I tend to not stress too much about work stuff? Well, when I really need a break, I can get up and play some pool. It may not solve all (or any) of my problems, but I grew up playing pool (I'm horribly out of practice though) so it's just always been something I do to relax.

Who needs a corner office when you can run through a few quick games of nine-ball when you need to de-stress? Of course this makes me wonder what I'll do when we move the office to an actual office location.... I wonder if I could get a pool table/confrence table? Hmmm.....

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