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email woes

So in it's infinite wisdom, RoadRunner may or may not be blocking email sent to my alum.mit.edu account (or more precisely it may be blocking alum.mit.edu from forwarding it to my RR account thereby negating the point to having email forwarding in the first place).

However, being the paranoid little geek that I am, the alum address actually goes to multiple accounts (hurray redundancy) and I am still getting all my email. Unfortunately people sending stuff may be getting errors from RoadRunner (thereby generating a decent bit of their own spam).

I've already called them to complain and I'm figuring out exactly what's up (since not everything seems to be getting blocked/bounced) and I will be emailing them a very detailed description of what the problem is and why they are fucking idiots in the very near future.

Anyways, just an FYI, if you know what my alum address is, it does still work and I am still getting email through it (despite RoadRunner's efforts to the contrary).

Bah. Stupid bird.

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