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lol... it was bound to happen, but...

... it still caught me off guard.

Yesterday I finally got around to trying to sort ouf the email situation for my family (i.e. making sure we all had everyone else's correct email addys).

Today my brother sent out an email on behalf of my niece so that we could all order Girl Scout Cookies. Now on the one hand I'm vaguely disturbed that I can order GSCs by email and on the other hand....

.... well it is pretty convenient ;).


Re: GSC by email

Damn, I didn't know that!?!?!? I guess my question is, what can't a person order online these days....? That, I would be curious to know.

Re: GSC by email

from brides to girl scout cookies, the internet has it all!

eerie coincidence

Tim setup a "family email circle" a few weeks ago and my cousin sent out something similar to everybody (but aimed at the bay area folk) about her daughter's girl scout cookie stuff...

Add Filter: *cookies*

Thin Mints for me please!!! :o)

oh joy!!

it's time for thin mints! hmm.... just thinking about it makes me happy. i'll hunt down andres tomorrow. his kids are girl scouts, i think.