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Jury Duty

Well I get to go to jury duty tomorrow morning.

I'm extremely un-enthusiastic about this.

I'm not sure if I want to go in disguise as Very Clean-Cut Victor in the hopes of ending up on a jury (call it morbid curiosity) or whether I want to schlep in and hope they send me home right away.

Eh, we'll see what I feel like doing when I'm getting ready. Hmmm I should get my stuff laid out so I'm not running around too much in the morning.


I have wanted to be summoned for jury duty my entire life and it has yet to happen.
I would love to see our courts in action.
Well, from what I saw the court system is basically everyone else agains the defendent and their attorney.

After spending all day waiting around while all the cases we might have been empaneled for got plead out, it was mildly annoying to have the the court reporter comment "yeah, they all plead, the probably took a look at you guys and decided to take the pleas *hee-hee*".

I dunno, it just didn't sit well with me that the court staff all seemed to assume that we'd want to throw the book at people without actually hearing the cases (apparenlty the judge was using the fact that we were all sitting there ready to go as a bargaining tool against the defendents). Listening to several of the people sitting around me made me realize I was in the minority in that I didn't have a predisposition to "hang 'em" like so many folks seemed to have. A few were even bragging how they'd sent people up for 30-40 years etc...

It was an interesting day to say the least.
People never cease to amaze me and it sounds like jury duty is just another example of that.

isn't this your first time?