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da vinci dragon

Le Jukebox

Yeah, I'm still awake. Go figure.

(inspired by a post to saucy_dwellings)

Some people get crappy furniture handed down to them, some people get things like this:

Yeah, I win. Yes, that is an actual jukebox. It's rather cool (and obscenely heavy) but it needs a bit of work before it's anything more than ballast. I should start a running list of all the projects I have to work on (then again that could get depressing really fast ;).

Anyways, here are another couple of shots:

Front Bigger

Side-ish Bigger

and as you can see, I still need to put away a couple of x-mas decorations and a thanksgiving one... ideally this will happen sometime this week ;)



and tell me, wanna suppose it's not merely a decoration item so...it works? and if so...what's the songlist?????

Re: wow

It sort of works, it had some major issues that I've been dealing with on and off since I got it. I just can't help but try to fix things I guess.

As far as songlist goes, I actually didn't get any 45s with it . My dad kept them all for his own jukebox (this is ok actually since I wasn't a big fan of what was in it in the first place). Eventually I'll probably need to go hit flea markets and buy up 45s to put in it (assuming I don't convert it to play CDs or MP3s).
whoa noooo fair

my fav. diner just shut down and they had an awesome jukebox :'(
This one belonged to a friend of my dad's. It's a bit tempermental and when the friend closed his bar/restaurant down he gave it to my dad. My dad planned on fixing it for a while until my mom made him get rid of it give it to me and now I'm trying to make it less tempermental ;).

Why did the diner shut down? Too bad you couldn't buy the jukebox off of them. They're not the most practical of furniture/musical items but they're damn cool.
i have no clue why they shut down..it was just all of a sudden

havign a jukebox would be awesome..they had all the little ones at the booths to make the big one work
Oh wow, I love those setups.

I think I'd really dig having one of those in a house.

It sucks how many cool established places randomly close down. It seems like that happens around here a lot. Once every couple of years you'll hear about place X that's been around for 30-40-50+ years and is closing for some random reason.
yeah i used to go to this place twice a week, sometimes more...i just loved it.........

Re: Jukebox..

Nice jukebox, dude. What do you still have to do to it, if anything at all? Hang onto it, it could be worth a small mint someday, if it is not already worth it. ;-)

Re: Jukebox..

Well the mechanism that moves records so they'll play is very tempermental. I've been trying to figure out exactly what's wrong and see if I can locate the right parts to fix it. So far that's proving a bit tough.

My backup plan is to drop a PC with a wireless network card into it and have it be a mega jukebox with access to the music archive I've been building.

it could be worth a small mint someday

lol, if only it were worth it's weight in gold, I'd be sooooo set. That thing is heavy.