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Early to rise...

It occurs to me that one good thing about this getting up earlier thing is that it gives me plenty of time to actually wake up. Lately I've gotten to the point where I can be out of bed and out the door in about 20-25 minutes. Unfortunately, while that's convenient for days when I stay up until 3 or 4 am (which was getting to be most days), that's not really enough time for me to actually be coherent and organized in the morning. I distinctly remember stumbling out of my house some mornings and being quite unhappy about it.

Granted, two hours of just sitting there was a bit much today, but oddly enough, it reminds me of Saturday mornings when I was younger. I'd be up before dawn to watch cartoons and invariably those were always the coolest days... In later years I'd also get up early to watch Robotech when it was shown at 6am M-F.... I've noticed that now that my living room is cleared out and neat, I have enough room to work out in there. I'm thinking that some combination of yoga, basic martial arts, and stretching might be a cool way to get going while I'm watching Buffy.

After about 1/2 an hour I was awake enough to feel cool about doing stuff without feeling like I was going to stumble into anything. I figure an hour or hour and a half of working out and another 1/2 hour to get ready for work, and I'd be set.... If I can do this regularly, this may turn out to be a very good idea after all.


For the most part, waking up is easy for me, its going to sleep that's a problem. I'm generally most tired at around sunset and sunrise. Midnight or so is often when I am most awake.

When I was in school, I shifted myself so that I would be awake and working from midnight-8am and then I'd go to class all day and sleep as soon as I got home. It worked wonderfully, but it sucked sometimes when I ended up hanging out with friends who weren't night-shifted.