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zhaan silly

It must have been the avocados....

El Paso isn't always the sleepy border town folks seem to think it is, but somedays are pretty damn slow. Case in point, from this morning's Times:

Agents confiscate pot, liquor, avocados
Daniel Borunda; El Paso Times

An attempt to smuggle 3.4 pounds of marijuana, 10 undeclared liquor bottles and 10 avocados with seeds was stopped Saturday night at the Bridge of the Americas, said U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.

A California resident was arrested for the marijuana, and the owner of the liquor and avocados was fined $390. Both smugglers were in the same Ford pickup.

<sarcasm> I find it reassuring to know that avocado smuggling isn't being ignored amidst all the hubub surrounding the wars on drugs and terrorism. </sarcasm>


you never know... maybe snorting ground avocado seed is the new trendy drug ;)

i need to give avocados another chance. i had one one, but the context was all wrong. it was in an omlette. i didn't feel it belonged there (yes, a whole peeled avocado in the middle of a pile of eggs)

From the other Times

The other Times (the NYTimes) had a big article on avocado theft; it's apparently big business.
sounds like an all-nite party to me!

Re: Avocados

It's sure nice to know they we will not be invaded by a bunch of avocados amidst all those damn drugs!!!!! Sheeshhhh, I'm thinking it wouldn't have hurt to let the avocados go.
DUDE! have you been to the grocery store lately? Frickin' avocados are nearly $2 each, for something almost as big as a navel orange! hehe.

Curious...pound for pound, how close are avocados to weed? hmmm haha