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pen pen


Ok, this may be a very movie geek thing to be annoyed with,


A 4:3 aspect ratio is not widescreen, or letterbox.

In other news, all that I was able to catch up on last night was sleep. I pretty much showered, ate and slept until 2am (so much for fixing that sleep schedule). I then proceeded to watch some more Kenshin until dawn. I did try going back to sleep a bit since I was going in to work "late". Unfortunately, no one else got the memo so going in "late" meant that I only got to "sleep in" a grand total of 30 minutes before I got my first call of the morning and I had to go deal with stuff.


I finally broke down and found some good deals on Evangelion DVDs. We'll see just how big of a difference the regular subs are compared to the fan subs. If nothing else, the versions that I bought come subtitled in English, French, & Spanish so I could conceivably switch to one of the other subs if I'm having trouble understanding something... this may or may not help, but I'm really curious to see just how good the funsubs are relative to the normal ones. In all honesty, I have no problem paying for stuff like movies/tv series/music if it's not crap (although I also have no problem paying as little as possible for things too ;).

Oh, and there is the fact that I really really really want to watch the last couple of episodes (grrrr-argh, flakey people suck).

So does anyone have any recommendations for good anime I need to check out?
(I'm rapidly running through my current supply ;)


i really like hellsing. rahxephon is quite good, though i haven't seen all of it yet. cowboy bebop, any assorted gundam series.


Oh yeah, I had forgotten about Hellsing (I actually started watching that a while back). Those others also look like good series to check out. Heh, and so my DVD collection starts to swing away from Kung Fu and into Anime :).

Hmmm... out of curiosity, do you know of any good sources for information about the different series out there? One of the things that always seemed daunting about really getting into anime was the cost relative to not really knowing which series were most likely to be appealing and the seemingly vast amount of stuff out there.

Any site(s) that you would recommend?


http://animefu.com/ is one... i mainly go by word of mouth. i'm not nearly as much of a junkie as some of my friends, so it works out well... i'm easily entertained by things they take for granted :)
i second the cowboy bebop... (but you knew about that one already, didn't ya?) he's sooo cute!

you know, alok was complaining about the 4:3 aspect ratio thing too...