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Driving happiness is....

... seeing the following in your rearview mirror as you speed away:

The large semi that was tailgating you and in fact nearly driving over you 5 minutes ago....

stuck behind:

The smoking crappy little 4-door POS that's in the fast lane and travelling about 10 miles under the speed limit that you were stuck behind 2 minutes ago...

and knowing that it won't be able to pass it because immediately next to the POS you have:

A large, equally slow moving, cargo truck.

Heh, that made my morning earlier.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled grind...



The best example of that happened a year or two ago when some idiot in your typical souped up lawnmower/econo-box decided that he was too important to wait with the rest of us during the morning rush.

He hopped onto the shoulder and zoomed along passing a good 20-30 cars... until he passed a police cruiser that was stopped in traffic. You can guess what happened next. The cop jumps onto the shoulder, stops him a ways down and then proceeds to ticket the hell out the guy as a good 50 cars went by giving the cop thumbs up signs and generally laughing at the moron that got stopped.

Genrally I'm not a fan of cops, but it was really quite satisfying to see that one doing his job.