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Camera phone musings...

I'm still undecided about this camera phone. The quality of the pictures is so-so... I'm not thrilled with it (but I have been spoiled using the Canon for the last couple of years). I think it would work pretty well for my dad once he needs a new phone, and I do like being able to email myself the random picture here and there but I'm still not convinced that it's worth it (both in terms of the cost of the phone and the cost of the picture messaging service....)

I'm also still being tempted by the Samsung phone that they'll have next week-ish except that it looks like it doesn't have analog roaming and I have a moral objection to buying a phone that adds some cool bells and whistles at the expense of functionality as a phone.

This is the view in the parking lot of my preferred mega-home improvement store. One of these days I need to drag the Canon and my tripod out there so that I can get a good panoramic shot from the other side of the freeway.

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