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It's been snowing all morning. However there is no accumulation and the temp is slowly creeping up past freezing. Heh, I'm sure I have the complete sympathy of all of my friends from the frigid North :-p/

I only had to work half a day today and I didn't even make it into the office.

Oh, and since I had to go to city hall earlier, I started chatting to one of the guys in the traffic division and I finally got an important winter question confirmed:

El Paso does not in fact own a single snowplow. The official response to snowy/icy driving conditions is to just use the road salt stuff.... liberally applied to all driving surfaces. This is not because it doesn't get cold here, but rather because it almost never snows/ices around here. They've actually studied this and they have numbers to support this strategy.

Technically speaking the reason that this city does shut down for any sort of snow accumulation is that the roads really are worse than those in colder climates. However, since there's at most only 1 or 2 days per winter when that's an issue, shutting the city down for snow makes more sense than trying to do something about it (this is especially true when you consider that we actually go through whole winters with no snow or ice conditions).

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