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Heh, almost forgot to relay a random story from this weekend.

I was at Wal-Mart stocking up on groceries etc... at a decent hour (wherein decent is defined as a time when there are few people there... like say 2am) and I happend to be in the DVD section browsing the cheap movies when I noticed this guy paying a little bit too much attention to me.

I'm walking around the section and this guy is just looking at me with a very odd look on his face. I start wondering if perhaps my fly is open or something. I discretely check, nope, all good there. At this point it's been a few minutes and I'm starting to wonder what's going on. I mean I'm in my non-scuzzy work clothes (i.e. tucked-in button down shirt, jeans, big stompy black boots) and this guy looks like a mix between punk/goth/rocker type (i.e. which makes me think he was probably in high school or early college and going for an overall "dark"/"alternative" look) so I didn't see any obvious reason why he'd be paying attention to me.

So finally he comes up to me and asks:

"Excuse me sir, but do you play any instruments?"

*blinks* Uh.... not what I was expecting....

Me: "Umm... yeah... I play the guitar and piano"

Random Guy: "Oh. Cool. I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining a band I'm starting up..."

Me: "Uhh.... Sorry, but I don't really have the time to be in a band"

(not to mention lacking any sort of enthusiasm for that particular endeavor)

Random Guy: "Oh. that sucks. I was looking for a bad ass guitarist"

Me: "heh.. uh... I can play the guitar, but I wouldn't say that I'm a 'bad ass guitarist'...."

at which point the guy/kid scurries away and I'm left standing there feeling amused and old (I think it was being called sir, in that context, that did it). I have no idea why this kid thought I looked like a 'bad ass guitarist' since I was pretty much looking about as normal as I ever do (recently shaved, hair tied back, etc...).

I was also reminded how much I really don't like public performances or having to stand up in front of crowds. I've gotten to be pretty good at public speaking over the years (purely from neccessity) but I don't actually like it and I certainly have no desire to be "in a band". I have enjoyed learning to play music (something I only took up a couple of years ago) but I'm nowher near being a bad ass anything... except perhaps "bad ass CD player operator"... but that's about it ;).

Still though it did make me chuckle (and roll my eyes).


Re: Bad ass guitarist....

Awww, that's absolutely adorable! Maybe he was flirting with you. Or maybe he saw something in you, that you don't see....like a *bad ass guitarist!* ;-) Ya just never know....