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Random Photos

So I'm almost done sorting the pictures on ye newe server. Now if I could only settle on a theme for the new pages. Bah. Anyways, here are a couple of random pictures from around town.

Texas Rock

This is in front of some random government building in NorthEast EL Paso.

Aztec Calendar

A copy of an Aztec Calendar located in downtown El Paso.

Many more to come in the near future. Now it's time for bed. ttfn


i like the photos! the sun looks very bright over there! i think a trip out to joshua tree or desert is in order.
Heh, yeah, the sun tends to be quite bright most days. The top picture was taken around 6:30am. I have several others of the nearby mountains from that same morning but I'm still sorting out my webpage situation (btw, the link to my page from yours has changed, the mit account has gone poof :(... ). The second picture was taken around noon one day when I had to run out to the County Courthouse. I was just surprised to see that we had something like that in some random park-ish area downtown (I really need to explore the area more sometime).

I hope your weekend trip away from the maddening crowds went well.
hello :) i notice you added me... just a note to say hi. i was trying to view your webpage, but there's nothing behind the cover page?
Hi there, yes, I did add you recently. I noticed you on orkut in the NM community and I enjoyed checking out your photos. I was planning on saying hi at some point (in the near future even) but I've been doing a bit of the headless chicken routine lately.

There's a decent bit of stuff on my webpage (as that's where I serve my photos/images from), but I'm still sorting things out and working on a new theme/layout. I actually spent quite a while fiddling with that this weekend so hopefully I'll have something up soon (in some form).
cool :) i'm a bit of a private/quiet person (with a livejournal of all things- ha :P) but i do enjoy posting pics. so yeah i just like to know a little via way of comments or otherwise. adding you too. :) there are some pics and random stuff that i put friends only, but i haven't been baring my soul lately much.

i used to have a webpage but i took mine down. i want to give mine a new look too. and i look forward to viewing yours once you get it ready :) nice to meet you.
I understand being private/quiet. I'm not all that reserved myself, but I tend to be selective about who I tell my deep dark secrets to.

I really liked the pictures you've put up. Very cool stuff. I need to get into the habit of posting more my stuff more often. I have a couple of gigs of random photos from years past, but I invariably take my time getting around to photoshopping them. Sifting through all my stuff this weekend left me a bit surprised to see just how many photos I had meant to put up but never quite got around to (something I'm working on correcting).

Anyways, I'm rambling (which is something I have a tendancy of doing ;), nice to meet you as well.