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A thrilling phone-less Friday


I need to figure out what to do about my new phone. It's battery life is good, but I keep forgetting to charge it before the battery runs out.

I was thinking about it and I realized that it's been happening more and more since I'm getting more and more work related calls from people other than my folks. For a long-ish while only my folks (i.e. the office) and friends/family had that number so I'd get a lot of calls but i wouldn't have really long conversations during the day (i.e. away from the charger). Now that I get more calls where I have longish conversations to discuss things with business types (during the day when I'm out and about) the standby time drops a lot (funny that). According to the manual the battery is supposed to be good for about 3 hours of talking or 4-5 days of standby, but obviously if I use it for 1 or 2 hours of talking in between charges, the standby time goes down by days.


So today the battery died sometime this afternoon and I didn't notice until a little while ago (and here I was thinking that I was just horribly unpopular tonight ;).


Oh well, chilling out at home actually wasn't too bad. I had a minor headache for a while (until I had my daily hit of caffeine), but I did notice that overall, I'm almost completely over my caffeine withdrawl. I'm aiming to cut my soda/caffeine intake to at most 1 can a day normally (with exceptions for things like hanging out and having tea at VI etc...).

Right now if I don't have 1 can I end up with a low grade caffeine headache and I'd like to get to the point where I can actually not have any sort of caffeine in a day and not get any headches. I'm thinking another week or so and I'll be there. I can already see a positive differnce from drinking more water (/gatorade) and less other stuff so I'm pretty psyched.

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