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A thrilling phone-less Friday


I need to figure out what to do about my new phone. It's battery life is good, but I keep forgetting to charge it before the battery runs out.

I was thinking about it and I realized that it's been happening more and more since I'm getting more and more work related calls from people other than my folks. For a long-ish while only my folks (i.e. the office) and friends/family had that number so I'd get a lot of calls but i wouldn't have really long conversations during the day (i.e. away from the charger). Now that I get more calls where I have longish conversations to discuss things with business types (during the day when I'm out and about) the standby time drops a lot (funny that). According to the manual the battery is supposed to be good for about 3 hours of talking or 4-5 days of standby, but obviously if I use it for 1 or 2 hours of talking in between charges, the standby time goes down by days.


So today the battery died sometime this afternoon and I didn't notice until a little while ago (and here I was thinking that I was just horribly unpopular tonight ;).


Oh well, chilling out at home actually wasn't too bad. I had a minor headache for a while (until I had my daily hit of caffeine), but I did notice that overall, I'm almost completely over my caffeine withdrawl. I'm aiming to cut my soda/caffeine intake to at most 1 can a day normally (with exceptions for things like hanging out and having tea at VI etc...).

Right now if I don't have 1 can I end up with a low grade caffeine headache and I'd like to get to the point where I can actually not have any sort of caffeine in a day and not get any headches. I'm thinking another week or so and I'll be there. I can already see a positive differnce from drinking more water (/gatorade) and less other stuff so I'm pretty psyched.


ok, no wonder I got your voicemail when I called. ah well. nope, definitely not unpopular!

do you have a car charger? it seems like since you do a bit of driving for work that would help a lot... I drive lots and can't live without my car charger. I also pretty much recharge my phone every 2 days no matter what, since it is soooo rare that 2 days go by without one substantial phonecall. I occasionally have to charge it after only a day if I have a long conversation. But then my battery life is only about 2.5h of talktime.

Think I'll get a new phone when I get out to CA. I really want one I can download ringtones for. How stupid is that for a reason to get a new phone? OK, also my current one flakes out on me sometimes.

Still hoping to arrive at your place the night of the 12th and hang out the 13th. That cool with you? I'll update from the road if things change, obviously. Hell, I'll probably call you and bug you from the middle of oklahoma just because I will be BORED.
I'm not sure what phone you have now... But it must be a nifty one- can you get an extra-life battery? I bought one for my motorola, and it did make a BIG difference.

Speaking of phones, thanks again for the text!

Re: Charging your cell...

I agree. I think you definitely should invest in a car charger. I seldom use mine, but it is great for when you are on the run. Plus, they are usually "rapid charge" so, they will actually charge your cell phone much quicker than your home/office charger does. In about half the time. It's great for when you notice you are almost out of juice, or for when you spend your day out and about, and can't charge it normally. That would solve your dilemma.