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My old neighborhood circa 1990

So, one of the random things I found while sifting through stuff was a picture of my high school/neighborhood from about 1990 (ish).

Click on the picture for the really big, annotated version

The Mighty Rio Grande -The official boundary between the U.S. and Mexico (around here at least). Not all that impressive, but this is what a river looks like when it runs through the desert and is damned 2 or 3 times upstream.
Juarez Mexico / El Paso, Texas - Yes, I grew up right on the border. My parent's house is visible close to one of the other labels.
Loop 375 (i.e. Border Highway) - You might have noticed that several of my driving stories revolve around this particular road. It runs along the length of the border for about 20 miles or so.
Victor Ln. - The road my dad built (and where we've built several duplexes). Yes, he did name it after me (it turned out that everyone else's name had already been used for a street name somewhere in the city). My parent's house is just below the label.
Ysleta Middle School Track - You can't quite see my old middle school in this picture but you can see the track & field. The school is immediately next to it, just outside of frame.
Ysleta High School -It's one of the oldest schools in the city and it has since seen some major renovations and expansions. It's pretty much as wide as the block now. It also has a real stadium that can seat something close to 1000 people (as opposed to MIT's bleachers which seat like 50 people ;). Despite being close to Mexico, we are still in Tx and football is mighty important (or so I'm told).
McDonalds - I was trying to balance out the labels ;)
Furture site of Ysleta Elementary - The entire area was once fairly heavily farmed (being near the river and all) and this farm was still in business right up until the elementary school was moved from it's original location (about two miles down the road). Come to think of it, when my parents bought the land for their house it was still farmland (and in fact their house is still zoned as a farm).

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