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Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory

I hung out with Dave tonight. We hit Best Buy and the Mega Ginormous Chinese Buffet (because I once again got called in for a small computer job that paid me on the spot so I felt like splurging... yes again).

While I was at Best Buy, I aquired a bunch of old horror movies. I probably shouldn't have, but I just couldn't pass up such a deal cheesy horror (25 movies for less than $18.00) especially not ones with titles like:

  • The Gorilla - 1939
  • The Devil Bat - 1941
  • The Human Monster - 1939
  • The Invisible Ghost - 1939
  • The Ape Man - 1943
  • Carnival of Souls - 1962
  • Chamber of Horrors - 1940
  • The Last Man on Earth - 1924
  • White Zombie - 1932
  • The Wasp Woman - 1959
  • The Indestructable Man - 1956
  • Dementia 13 - 1963
  • The Devil's Hand - 1961
  • I Bury the Living - 1958
  • Horror Hotel - 1960
  • A Bucket of Blood - 1959
  • The Ape - 1940
  • Chrismtas Evil - 1960
  • The Ghost - 1963
  • Night of the Living Dead - 1968
  • The Snake People - 1968
  • Don't Look in the Basement - 1973
  • House on Haunted Hill (the Vincent Price one) - 1958
  • The House on the Edge of the Park - 1960
and last but not least
  • Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory -1961

Now I just need to get people over for a few good MST3K style screenings of all my newly aquired vintage schlock :)

Oh, and I also got a really sweat deal on a cheap DVD burner from OfficeMax (along with some cheap DVDs). Once I figure out how to do the whole DVD thing I'll be able to do some serious data back ups and umm.... other things :). Weee new toys that I can legally write off on next year's tax return (speaking of which I need to find a new case, Moya officially outgrew her current accomodations).

Anyways, time for bed. ttfn.


www.electroseller.com has some spiffy and non-beige cases :)
Well, I don't really care about the case color. I've painted cases before and I have power tools so chopping holes in them etc... is pretty trivial. The major concern is that I'm looking for something that can handle at least 5 ext 5.25" drives and 2 ext 3.5" drives. That actually limits my choices significantly.
nah, you just need to move into server case territory, seeing how "mid" towers have (generally) 4 5.25 slots.. servers usually have 6.

Might as ask how many 5.25 devises you've got?
I have 5 5.25" devices right now.

1 true 70X Cd-ROM drive
1 52X CD-RW
1 8x DVD-Rom
1 8x all format DVD burner
1 removable hard drive enclosure (so I can drop drives in without having to crack open the case and fiddle with cables).


1 floppy
1 zip drive

I doubt that I'm likely to want to add any more external devices at this point. If I go with the 6/2 case that Dave pointed out I might just get some sort of external LCD readout of temp or something like that to fill out the extra bay.

thanks for geeking for me.
truly excellent movies, all :)
That remains to be seen. Assuming I can find some suckers folks to watch them with they should be highly entertaining if nothing else.
That is a bit excessive and not all that exciting. I've seen comparable cases for $20-$40 less.

Pretty fucking huge though.
er...forgot to include the more "sensible" one...

this one
Actually that one would be just about perfect. I needed 2 ext 3.5" drives bay and 5 ext 5.25" ones. so I could even throw in a temp display or something of that nature on the remaining bay.

Hmmm... now to save up a bit of $$$ (or get those rebates back) and I'm set.