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purple dragon

and the miracles continue....

Cable guy just showed up.... kinda makes me glad that I live so close to where I work (now if only both of those places where in a cooler part of town, or better yet, a cooler town, but I digress).

The reason for the post was to express awe that I actually got a cable guy that is highly clueful, cheerful, and generally gives me a good feeling that he might actually manage to solve this particular bit of cable wackiness.

Assuming he continues this positive trend, I might motivate myself to call up Time-Warner to put in a positive comment about his work. Hopefully they'll get things squared away in time for Buffy this afternoon (or at worst tomorrow morning).

Anyways, don't be surprised if I fall of the net sometime in the next while, for a while...


Wow, the cable guy just left and he did an awesome job. The picture on the digital cable side hasn't looked this good in weeks if not longer. I'm quite pleased, I think I will send in a positive comment his way.

Well, off to do work stuff now....
Out of curiousity, do you walk across the street to the office/mom's or do you drive?

*envy* you have the nicest commute of anybody I know hehe :oPP j/k