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Random Toys

My mom got it into her head to do some spring cleaning yesterday.

I was reminded that my tendancy for being a bit of a pack rat (with cool things) comes largely from her...

Case in point, here are some old toys that she dug up in the cleaning:

There are a half dozen or so boxes of my old stuff that I need to bring home and dig through.....

I think some treasure hunting (and major dusting) is in order.



a friend of mine has been searching high and low for one of those rancors.
Well I had been wondering where he'd gone off to for a while now.

I'm not surprised that your friend can't find any, when I found him I was reminded that he had undergone some surgery to reattach one of his arms not long after I got him. Their shoulder assemblies where pretty weak, I bet a lot of them ended up in pieces fairly quickly.
Hey~! Harrison is /always/ cool. All you have to do is ignore... a few... uhm... several... of his, er, movies... and... uhm...
Harrison is /always/ cool!
Maybe but he should fire his agent. After Han Solo and Indiana Jones, some of his movie roles have been... interesting.
Heh, agreed.

Although his current choices in roles and rolls didn't stop me from buying the Indiana Jones DVDs the day they went on sale and it won't stop me from buying the Star Wars DVDs when they are released ;)
ok, I can't even work the icons right, it's time for bed.
Brings a tear to your eye don't it?
heh actually I keep being surprised at a) the stuff my mom saved and b) how many of my toys are still fairly intact.

I seem to recall I was really rough on my toys when I was younger and yet most of them are still in decent shape (at least good enough to put up in random parts of the house)