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purple dragon

Go Betty Go & Flogging Molly

Tonight's show was fucking awesome.

Denver Harbor was a no-show (apparently the guitarist's hand had a run in with a car jack, ouch!), but "Flogging Molly" and "Go Betty Go" totally made up for it.

Go Betty Go had a good set and they seemed to really have their act together. The music was very good, the lyrics were cool.... oh and the bass player was very cute ;). In a departure from my usual lurky self, I actually ended up talking to the band little bit and I got them to autograph their CD single that I picked up (must remember to buy their album next month when it's released).

While I was waiting for Flogging Molly to come on stage I ended up talking to some guys who were sitting next to me. It was kind of interesting actually socializing like a normal person and randomly chatting with people. Oddly enough one of the guys I talked to is also a civil engineer and he works for the Las Cruces Building Services Department as a plan checker (so we actually had quite a bit of stuff to talk about).

Then we got to Flogging Molly and they fucking rocked. No way around it, I love their shows. Very high energy, fun, and good music. They're up there with Reverend Horton Heat. You can tell that the crowd was really into them and it was fun watching the band interact with folks (and there was a lot of crowd surfing which I haven't seen at too many shows lately).

After the show as I was walking back to the truck I noticed the lead singer was out back talking to folks so I figured I was feeling brave and I went up and talked to him. Very nice guy, very friendly and not at all a "rock star". I got him to sign one of the FM CDs I bought and I contemplated sticking around to catch the rest of the band but I was tired and I really just wanted to get home so I took off.

So now, here I am. I have autographs, CDs, and I had a fucking great time. I'm definitely looking forward to tomorrow's Modest Mouse show.

Now just to see if I'm feeling social and outgoing tomorrow ;).

Anyways, time for bed now.


i thought i saw you there...yeah great fucking show!!!! i had seen them once before...they get better every time. the last time they were here, i got all the band to sing my cd...they were really nice about it. yeah glad you had fun
Hey, you should have said hello :-p

I totally didn't see you there or else I would have gone and bugged you ;)

Glad you dug the show too though.