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I'm getting too old for this :(

So I feel horribly lame tonight.

Dave and I went to the Modest Mouse show and made the mistake of hitting the mega chinese buffet before hand.

The food settled poorly and the setup at 101 was pretty crappy tonight. Aside from a handful of stools inside (all taken) the only other seating was outside where everyone was pretty much smoking. Normally I don't care much about people smoking, but with my stomach doing some nasty "I'm going to make you regret this" type rumblings I pretty much jumped at the chance to get out when Dave said that he wasn't really into the show. I would have liked to watch, but I just wasn't into the music and my insides were not happy (although the music grumpiness might have been related to the physical discomfort).

It's kind of weird to think that I'm at that point where personal comfort outweighs going to a show. Heck, I'm not even annoyed that I bought the ticket to go, I just feel really lame because clearly I don't have the metabolism of an 18 year old anymore (e.g. I can't eat really crappy food and go drinking at clubs all night with nary a headache the next day).

Once we got away from the smoke and crowds and I got some fresh air I felt quite a bit better so we were going to go watch Dawn of the Dead because really when you feel lame about getting old nothing hits the spot better than a good (or even a bad) zombie movie. Unfortunately all the showings for tonight were sold out so now I'm home and it's just after 10 on a friday night and all I want to do change into comfy clothes and watch random kung fu movies in the comfort of my own home.

Blah. Getting old sucks.

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