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Can someone tell me why...

... I'm awake at 6am? Furthermore why have I been awake since 5am?

Oh that's right. I decided that my living room couch was better for sleeping on than my king size bed. Right. So in the long run it was a good thing that I got up earlier rather than later (as there is no alarm clock in the living room), but I still feel off somehow. Definitely not tired though. I'm wide awake really...

Eh. The end of my weekend was productive. I finally made a good dent in reorganizing the office.... Well ok it was more like I actually started to organize the office properly (calling it's previous state organized would be a bit too generous). I finally got shelves in the office closet so now I just need to get stuff put away in there and in the filing cabinet and I'm set. So of course this will probably take a few months (or maybe not since I have a few things that are too in the way to ignore right now).

Ok, I'm going to do a bit more online stuff and then get ready for work. I probably shouldn't be late to work if I'm awake a full 3 hours before I have to be there. Well at least you'd hope I wasn't.

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