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No fooling around for me...

Today was one of those long but ultimately productive days.

I single-handedly got one of our rental properties ready for rental (except for the final cleaning stuff which we do tomorrow). I fixed some cabinet doors, patched some holes in the walls and did a lot of touch-up painting. Judging by how much of the wall damage was below waist level (and included pencil and crayon marks) the previous tenants apparently had a child that was half pig and half crazed artist (and the parents clearly weren't big on supervising the little monster... heck, it managed to draw and put in a few holes inside the walk-in closet in the master bedroom).

They are sooooo no getting their deposit back after all the crap they left (including a dead car battery) and stuff they damaged (keep in mind the place is exactly 1 year old this week).

In other news, I came across this amusing bit of graffiti while driving earlier:

Heh, sometimes you just have to chuckle when you see what the random graffiti artists put up around town (and especially on trains*)

* - I suspect the train garaffiti is so prevalent around town because EP has a very enthusiastic anti-graffiti program for buildings & walls. They make a point of getting rid of any reported graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported and they also document it for possible future prosecution. That works fine for things that are on public property or stationary, but trains are usually found on private property and they move around (funny that ;) so it's a lot harder to do anything about their "decorations".

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