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It's the little things in life....

...that seem to matter so much from time to time.

Like today. A perfectly normal, productive day of work, but, I'm still feeling blah in general. In the process of driving around getting stuff done, I finally got around to using the last bit of a Gift Card to Lowe's and I bought myself a brand new indoor/outdoor thermometer. Now I can see the temperature instantly from the comfort of my kitchen or living room.

For some odd (but probably geek-related) reason, this just amused/pleased me to no end. I still need to get the sensor wire in place permanently, but it works and it's just a little (albeit digital ;) bit of useful information to have when I'm picking jackets or sweaters on the way out.

For some reason its easy for me to figure out what to wear if I have an actual temperature reading to go by, but I almost always guess wrong when I try to just stick my head out and see how cold it is.

Heh, its sad. An actual, semi-lengthy post about my new thermometer. Yeesh. BTW, for my friends who live farther north, the current temperature is a balmy 36.7F.... Hopefully I'll post a more meaningful entry later, after I do some cleaning and general straightening up.

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