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purple dragon

It's the little things in life....

...that seem to matter so much from time to time.

Like today. A perfectly normal, productive day of work, but, I'm still feeling blah in general. In the process of driving around getting stuff done, I finally got around to using the last bit of a Gift Card to Lowe's and I bought myself a brand new indoor/outdoor thermometer. Now I can see the temperature instantly from the comfort of my kitchen or living room.

For some odd (but probably geek-related) reason, this just amused/pleased me to no end. I still need to get the sensor wire in place permanently, but it works and it's just a little (albeit digital ;) bit of useful information to have when I'm picking jackets or sweaters on the way out.

For some reason its easy for me to figure out what to wear if I have an actual temperature reading to go by, but I almost always guess wrong when I try to just stick my head out and see how cold it is.

Heh, its sad. An actual, semi-lengthy post about my new thermometer. Yeesh. BTW, for my friends who live farther north, the current temperature is a balmy 36.7F.... Hopefully I'll post a more meaningful entry later, after I do some cleaning and general straightening up.



of the temperature and the thermometer

the temperature has plunged to 34.9F :-p


with the windchill it's-24C here (like -15F)

two words - too cold!!!
Hope it doesn't get too chilly...my awesome rubber jacket is no more...realized that when the painters did the hallway this summer, they managed to somehow put 3 little streaks of white paint on the right-sleave of my awesome rubber jacket. It's an awesome rubber jacket that Suki picked out for me. Did I mention it's awesome and rubber? Hehe.... It's cool, but this means all I have right now is my light sweaters & windbreaker and then jump to my heavy as hell barncoat (which i've worn ONCE in the 4 years I've had it b/c it's NEVER that cold here) Sucks to be me....

might just go back to wearing my black sweater w/ my army wind breaker w/ the wool-lining. It's warm as hell, but looks like something Rambo would have fun in.... question is..where is it..or better, did mom take it to goodwill last time we donated? hmmm
Geez, this week has been downright balmy in NH. We've been 40's to 60's most of the week!
Ah-ha! So you guys stole our weather ;)

Actually, tonight the temp has plummeted to 49.7F and is holding steady for the last 4 or 5 hours. I doubt that it'll get below 40F tonight.

Hmmm... Ok, I'm officially disturbed... I've been discussing the weather way to much lately :)