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superfly t.n.t.

Kinda makes you wonder...

So after I finally made it out of the office this afternoon, I had to swing by the bank with a nice large wad of cash and checks that were destined to be deposited (most of which was already earmarked for business expenses).

I get to the drive through teller and the vaguely annoying asian lady [*] insists that I initial the deposit slip because there was a change on it (we ended up getting paid and depositing more cash right before I left.... yes I was really starting to wonder if I was ever making it out at that point). Fine whatever, I initial the slip and she proceeds to spend almost 10 minutes counting the cash (someone paid us with a hundred bucks of ones).

So she counts...

and counts...

and orients all the bills in on direction...

and counts some more....

Then she tells me to initial another part of the deposit slip

Yes, at this point Victor was getting a bit fussy and she gave me this withering look as if to say "what a moron" (which didn't help my mood at all).

Finally she prints out my receipt and sends me on my way.

I look at it and notice a teeny tiny problem....

She stiffed me by about $500.00

What the FUCK?!?!?!

Since I hadn't pulled away, I calmly hit the page button and I got her attention.

I pointed out the problem and her response was (I kid you not):

"Oh, that's a nine? I thought it was a four."

Me: "Uhh... no that's a nine, not a four."

Stupid Teller: "Oh, I'm sorry, let me fix that."

She then proceeds to correct the mistake and correct the deposit.

At this point she looked a lot more sheepish than she had and I couldn't help but notice that the stupid bitch was apparently taking my word for it! How the hell does that work? She spends all this time counting the damn money and yet she still ends up taking my word for it (by way of the deposit slip) for how much I'm depositing?

I can't help but be a little suspicious about her mistake, but I find it a bit hard to believe that she would try something that ballsy (there's a camera on the telller 100% of the time so you'd think it'd be hard to palm $500 in cash), but it seems even more inconceivable that she would really just take my word for how much cash I was depositing.

After that whole mess I had to run some more errands but when I finally made it home I did actually log on and check the account to make sure she had deposited the correct amount.

Fortunately (for her) she had, but sheesh, you'd think they would actually count how much cash I was depositing.

[*] - The reason this lady started to get fussy with me is that I couldn't understand her very heavy accent. I had to ask her to repeat herself several times every time she said something. This is part of the reason why I was getting increasingly cranky with this lady since she was having me do things that were largely pointless (therefore all thos exchanges were pointless as well). Fine whatever, but she gets annoyed because I couldn't understand her? WTF? Now, I don't have a problem with people who have very very thick accents, but I do resent it when they get annoyed at me for not being able to understand them.


!!! oh man..that is retarded...

how the hell could she count it all...and then be like that "oh, it's a 9...okay!" wtf
Yeah, that's what makes me more and more suspicious about what happened. If it was an honest mistake I would have expected her to take the cash out (she had just put it away) and re-count it. Especially since this is a bank.

Heck I've had to wait while waiters recalculate the tab and figure out my change, I've never had anyone just casually accept that sort of mistake and fix it without verifying what I said.


That's... special.

Re: Wow....

yup, like "little yellow school bus" special.
Woah...that sounds like what happened to my mother once! She was deposting 700 and the woman made it only 100 because "your seven looks like how I write my ones"

Whatever, you should tell someone, that probably wasn't an accident.
Yeah, I've been thinking about it and I'm probably going to go by and mention it to someone at the bank. The more I think about it the sketchier it seems.
The only issue I ever had concerning accent was I kept slipping into this aweful (nearly put dreadful, what a cliche) southern drawl and this poor hispanic woman couldn't understand me. Being the problem is just as bad as dealing with it, only not as infuriating, just embarassing.
Well I know plenty of people who have very thick spanish accents (and some with thick accents from other regions/countries) and I can totally appreciate how awkward it can be when you find yourself struggling to communicate, but this lady seemed to get a bit overly pissy because I couldn't understand her accent through the stupid little speaker box intercom thing the bank uses.

If someone looks embarassed or looks like they're getting flustered with themselves I try to help them out a bit (e.g. doing the "I'm sorry my hearing isn't so good, what was that?"), but this ladies reaction was the exact opposite of that, she was acting like I was the idiot.
I can barely understand perfect speakers wth those things sometimes. ugh.
I know what you mean. You'd think that in this day and age they could come up with something with better sound quality than 2 cans and a string.
Yup, they did.

She even used it a couple of times (the $100 in ones even got bundled while I was waiting).

Seriously, she spent all that time fiddling with the cash and then just changed the amount of the deposit when I told her it was wrong. I'm definitely leaning towards reporting that to someone just on general principles.

What was disturbing is that my dad made several suggestions about how she could easily credit the cash to someone else. I was almost embarassed to admit that I hadn't considered that she could call up a friend and either deposit the cash in their account or just giving them the $500 as a "withdrawl" when they drove by.