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Well today has been very mellow and relaxed.

Had lunch with stitch_vicious today then we came back here to watch a couple of movies (28 Days Later... & The Returner). I had a really good time socializing and chatting so that made up for my crappy day yesterday.

Still waiting to get paid by the lawyers that I did the little job for a couple of weeks back. Apparently one of them didn't get around to cutting a check for his half of the $$ before he had to go out of town so now I'm waiting for him to get back into town so that they can pay me. This is more than just a bit annoying since I'm waiting on that money so I can pay some bills and pay pfjunkie for his help with the job. Eh, oh well he's apparently back in town so hopefully I'll see some money soon.

Not sure what I'm going to do tonight. I may just hang out at home.

Anyways, Good Friday is turning out reasonably well so far. Now I'm hungry so I'm going to go hunt me down a quesadilla.