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Cooking geekery

I think I can officially add cooking geek to my repertoire (well ok maybe that was a foregone conclusion a while ago ;)

I was just way too happy when I found kosher salt at the local mega-mart earlier today. I even went so far as to track down an appropriate container for it (but not one a la Good Eats). Now I see what AB was talking about wrt kosher vs regular salt for cooking. I tried it out earlier and I noticed significant improvements in the resulting grub.

I also spent a while re-organizing and cleaning out the refrigerator and organizing the kitchen a bit more.


It's good to be a cooking geek. Kosher salt is wonderful and has a multitude of uses. Just wait until you decide to organize your spice cabinet. I did mine a couple of years ago, and put in alphabetical order. (And, I love it!) ;-D
yeah! kosher salt is totally awesome. i think i end up using less salt, too, because each bit is tasty and doesn't get lost. i should re-organize my kitchen again. things are getting lost again. i made an excel spreadsheet awhile ago (it involved alot of coffee) but lost the file (connie rejoiced).